Inspired by Experience 

Unlike other video tutorials found on platforms like YouTube or Facebook, our Wix Experts curate Wix tutorials based on experience and knowledge they obtained while creating websites for living.  They build websites on a daily basis and experience these common issues or questions first-hand so they immediately know the answers.  These recurring questions circulate Facebook and other social media platforms.  We generate our content for our Wix tutorials and general web design help articles based on real questions to provide you real answers.

What you won't find here are recycled tutorials that were originally created by someone else.  That is not to say you won't find similar tutorials here or somewhere else!  Instead what we are saying is:  our tutorials were not created specifically because we watched someone else's tutorial and want to copy it as our own. (Yes, it really happens.  And we are flattered!)

About the Creator

Code Queen Nayeli began using the Wix platform in 2010.  She started to create websites for herself and then others.  She quickly went from Wix User to Wix Expert.  As time went on, she earned a few titles by completing Wix Ed courses and by other Wix Community contributions. In 2020, Nayeli was named an Ada Lovelace Awards Finalist for the Engineer category of developers (Women in Tech).  She is Velo Certified (a Velo certification given by Wix).

01. December 2010

Nayeli began using the Wix platform to create Flash-based (personal) websites to try and make money from home.

02. February 2012

Nayeli began creating websites for other businesses that resided in the same building of her new 9 to 5 day job (that she landed for knowing how to 'build websites').

03.  December 2016

Nayeli accepted a volunteer Wix Ambassador position where she coordinated local Wix meetups in her community.

04. July 2017

Nayeli was invited to Alpha test Wix Code (a secret Wix product that was released later that year to the public).

05. May 2018

Honorable Mention in the Wix Blog.  Wix featured the community that Nayeli created, Totally Codable and her YouTube Channel.

06. May 2018

Nayeli was a guest speaker at the first WixCon for design experts and received a Wix Community award for her contributions.

07.  June 2018

Wix highlighted Nayeli's journey and impact on becoming a Velo influencer at the Wix Analyst & Investor day 2018 meeting.

08. May 2019

Nayeli was a guest speaker at the second WixCon for design experts in New Orleans (where she met the love of her life and got engaged that same weekend).  She taught Wix experts how to incorporate Velo (coding) services into their business.

09. March 2020

Nayeli was invited to be a guest speaker at the 3rd annual WixCon for design experts. Unfortunately due to Covid pandemic, the conference was cancelled.

10. May 2020

Nayeli generated over 10,000 Wix points in the few weeks she was inducted to the Wix Marketplace, qualifying her as Wix Legend Partner status during the first month of joining.

11. August 2020

Nayeli become Wix Code / Corvid / Velo Certified by completing the certification program given by Wix.

12. Oct 2020

Nayeli was named an Ada Lovelace Awards Finalist for the Engineer category of developers (Women in Tech).

13. May 2021

All Wix conferences are still cancelled in the year 2021 so the guest invitation from 2020 is still postponed.

14. September 2021

Nayeli's YouTube channel has reached over 8,600 subscribers, and her FB groups have over 9,000 members combined.

15. October 2021

Nayeli wins 2021 Ada Lovelace Award for the Software Engineer category for coders and developers that celebrate Women in Tech that have impacted the community.

16.  November 2021

Nayeli launches local community group in the state of Kansas of entrepreneur awareness of web design, online presence and general technology dedicated to small businesses.