Private Tutoring


Yes, we do! We service students and clients all over the world so our booking slots fill up right away.  Visit our online booking site for real-time availability and pricing.  Each private session is 1 hour long.  You can book your session online for the fastest service possible.

what is your booking site link?

You can visit our booking site here:

Private Work

do you offer design or website services?

Yes, we do!  We work with the most experienced Wix designers in the world, and have listed them here for your convenience:

We also have another site that allows you to verify Webmaster credentials.  Visit Webmaster Verified here:

If you'd rather work directly with Code Queen, feel free to visit the online booking site to schedule a time to talk:

where can i post project needs?

You can join any one of our Facebook groups to post small or large project jobs you are hiring for.  Remember these are public groups so if you need any reference feel free to reach out.

Tutorial Requests

where can i request new tutorials?

You can post your requests on one of our Facebook groups, send us an email or simply fill out the form below!

We generally publish new tutorials via Video or Blog post, depending on where it would be most appropriate to reach the best type of audience for that specific tutorial.   We also release the most popular requests first.  Since these are free tutorials, we thank you for your patience in allowing us to create these tutorials in between our tutoring and projects.


Yes, we accept sponsored tutorials!  If you have a program, application or other digital product that you would like for us to promote for you simply message us using the form below and we will get in touch with you.

Do you have more questions? Just ask!